A Device to Stretch Your Christian Faith

Spiritual Disciplines - Local Guided Scripture Study - Community Engagement


We are applying what we have learned, by working at some of the world's top companies, to our faith.

Smart Journaling.

Learn about journaling and more features of the device.

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Heal a severely broken world.

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If everyone followed the teachings of Jesus, the world would be a better place. Stanway helps individuals to be prepared to spread the Good News better.

Grow into who you are supposed to be.

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Stanway is designed to help us better prioritize our disciplines and stretch us to become the person who God created us to be.

Become part of something important.

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Do you ever feel like you are only a Christian on Sunday's? Stanway helps you to better engage your close Christian community on Monday - Saturday.

Recommit to your disciplines

Spiritual Indicator


Scripture Reading




Go deeper in your study

Local Bible Filtering

Current Events

Inductive Study

Engage your Christian community

Prayer w/ Others

Content Sharing

Group Messaging

Discussion Starting

Group Feedback

Coffee w/ Experts

Designed from the ground up for your Christian walk.

Hardware and software brought together for specific functions around your Christian routines.

Always know if you need a boost.

Glass front panel shows e-ink display with your spiritual indicator at all times.

See community requests at a glance.

See who needs prayer or encouragement during a discipline such as fasting.

Enhanced E-ink

E-ink screen is surrounded by LCD bars for a richer experience.

Drill Deep

Slide finger on the LCD bar to dive deeper into corresponding lines of content.

Keep a Journal

Slide finger on the LCD bar to dive deeper into corresponding lines of content.

Join others

Feel when others are praying for the same thing as you.

Built-in prayer

Hand logo on back vibrates when you engage your hand.

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