Spiritual Indicator

Know when you're running low on Jesus.

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Always on

The partial-glass front cover allows you to see your spiritual indicator and notifications at all times.

Your spiritual battery

Reminders about others

Holistic View

We have good intentions, but how many times have we offered up a prayer for others without following through? Stanway now keeps the prayers and needs of your community in front of your thoughts on the indicator bar. Pray for others when they request it, or when they are in the middle of disciplines such as fasting. The integrated prayer feedback can also notify others that they have people praying for them.

Stanway calculates your indicator score by factoring in many inputs that are configurable by you - including your disciplines, study habits, and interaction with your close Christian community.

When you are tired, you are more prone to confrontations and selfishness. The same can be true if you get away from your Christian habits. What if you could tell that you were low on your Christian habits before going a few days or weeks and saying "wow, I haven't read my Bible in a while" - what if you could put yourself in a better position to witness to others during difficult situations by keeping your battery full?

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