Spiritual Workouts

When you find 20 minutes, use them wisely.

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Spiritual workouts mimic physical workouts that include interval training. Each workout is divided into multiple components across different categories to keep the content engaging.

Complete "Exercises"

Stanway recommends different types of "workouts" that are different lengths and are designed to achieve different goals, such as diving deeper into scripture or boosting your broader goals.

All on the e-ink panel

LCD bar provides context

If you want to fold the device and still see your real-time progress, you have the option to activate the LCD bars that surround the e-ink screen. These bars provide relevant pieces of information and allow you to interact during the workout easily.

The e-ink panel is designed to make it easy on your eyes as you study during a workout. Fold the device over for easy handling, or keep it open to see progress on the LCD panel.

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