Join our crowdfunding community. Help us to improve and launch our product.

Why Crowdfund?

  • We want to focus exclusively on our customers. By raising funds directly from our future customers, the only stakeholders in our company are those who use our product - not the people in point #2.

  • Crowdfunding unshackles us from outside investors. Though investors may have good intentions, they can put pressure on the company to hit metrics outside of customer satisfaction - such as hitting quarterly growth targets at all costs. If we satisfy our customers, growth will come with it.

  • Crowdfunding forces us to build a community - a community that will give us feedback and help us to develop the best possible product. If the community does not grow, or if they do not pre-order, then we go back to the drawing board without wasting millions of dollars trying to find product/market fit.

Fund by selling Stanway branded apparel
- Average $15 margin on apparel items
- 20,000 items to hit goal
- Working prototype & professional campaign strategy

Buy apparel

Fund by selling 1 year subscription pre-orders
- Device included for $40/month/household
- 20,000 pre-orders to hit goal
- Build out world class team and begin production


PHASE 1: $300,000

PHASE 2: $10,000,000

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